Dear all shopholic <3
SISTA FASHION HOUSE Year End Sale will be available within one week~~For those still haven't get any new clothes yet,feel free drop by our shop at setia alam. With our membership card,you will get 50% off by select minimum 5 pieces of clothes! It's happening now~~December new arrival are available too~~~~Girls~~~Let's shopping <3
Price range from: RM29.90-RM299.00
还没买新衣服的美女们,赶快来购买哦。。我们的年终促销还有六天就结束了。 申请我们的会员卡只需RM10而且是永久会员哦。会员们凡是购买5件或以上,每一件衣服都一律给你们50%折扣哦!来我们的服装店,抢购新年衣服绝对没错啦。别错过哟 <3
P/s: New arrival of plus size dresses and blouse are available now